Wine Glass Painting Kit

Wine Glass Painting Kit


Wine Glass Painting Kit

Each Wine Glass Painting Kit includes one of our Wine Glasses OR one of our Quarantini Glasses. These have been Custom Designed by and Custom Engraved by! Each kit also includes Glass Paints, Paint Brushes, a Palette & Instructions. 



We’re connecting people across the USA by delivering the creative process!

If you’re looking for the perfect way to see your family & friends for a....


Bachelorette Party, Girl’s Night Out, Birthday Party, Anniversary Party, Graduation Party, or just to say you care, we can help you stay connected through this fun Zoom experience! 


Private Online Parties are also available as we hop on Zoom to guide you and your friends in the creation of your own unique Wine Glass OR Quarantini Glass!


For your private party, just call us & we’ll create an online party link & send it to you. You simply email the link with info to your friends who purchase a Wine Glass Painting Kit that we’ll send out to each of them. On the date and time of the party we will invite you and your friends into the Zoom Party as we host your Online Party.



A smart phone with data or a computer along with a high speed internet connection is needed.


On the day of your party, we’ll email an invite to everyone, gathering online via Zoom! In this way, each Party Guest has the opportunity to see, laugh & talk with each other while enjoying the fun process of Wine Glass Painting! Best of all, the painted Wine Glass or Quarantini Glass will serve as the perfect reminder of your fun memories together!

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We have a 'No refunds' policy.

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