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Carolina Martin




An Art Teacher, by profession, I was blessed to be raised by two practicing Artists. Upon my mother's passing, I vowed to carry on the legacy of my parents by delivering the creative process through various art activities to people of all ages and abilities. 


At THE BOM PARTIES, we love delivering the creative process by bringing the party to you. We offer a wide variety of experiences: online and in person parties, workshops, classes and kits for your enjoyment. These include the star of our show: our Chocolate Truffle Making Kit & Party. Additional parties include Wine Glass Painting, Flower Arranging, Dog Treat Making, our ‘Paint like a Master’ series (Matisse, Kusama, O’Keeffe, etc.), Photo-coloring, etc., etc., etc.

We deliver online & in-person visual & culinary art experiences!

The sky's the limit!

Check our availability for your party date & time here 

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to all who attend our parties. Besides our parties being a unique way to stay connected, the funds brought in by them also help us to purchase art supplies for and to continue teaching our art classes for our extraordinary Art Students in Institutional Living Settings (group homes, nursing homes, centers for people with disabilities, etc.). 


If you're interested in us 'delivering the creative process' to you and your group and/or to Residents in a group home, nursing home, etc., please feel free to call us directly at 216-941-7643 or share info with us by clicking here 

Thank you so much, your kindness is appreciated by many!