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Roaming Shores - Private Party

Roaming Shores - Private Party


Roaming Shores Private Party

April 13, 2024

Preregister please, by April 11, 2024


This is a Private Party. Please register only if you've been invited by Bree.


During this unique experience, each guest will receive everything needed to make & take home a fun activity, using a wine bottle.

What would you like to create from a wine bottle?

1. A Wine Bottle Tiki Torch OR

2.  A Wine Bottle Lamp, with fairy lights! 


Whichever fun activity that you choose, we'll serve as your guide. If you're looking for a creative way to gather together with your friends and make cherished memories, this one's for you! We're looking forward to a celebrating spring together!


Remember, You're the Bom! Carolina

If you'd like to schedule your own event with us, contact

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