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Photo Keepsake Making Party

Photo Keepsake Making Party


This is a private Photo Keepsake  Making Party


We bring the party to you!

Online (globally) and In-person (locally-within an hour of Cleveland, Ohio)


PHOTOS, PHOTOS, AND MORE PHOTOS! I have thousands of them, how about you??


Have you had a special occasion like a birthday, retirement, anniversary, family reunion, holiday, travel with friends or family, or other event where you've taken loads of amazing photos and not done anything with them? 


If you're anything like me, your answer is a very loud 'YES'


How many memorable moments in time have we all captured only to have them sit in boxes, bins, on a cloud somewhere in cyberspace or on an external hard drive??


I thoroughly empathize with you so I've designed a super fun party to help solve this problem.


Prior to our party, you'll gather your photos that you'd like to use during this fun experience.

During our party, I'll guide you through the process of going through the photos, purging if needed, organizing them, categorizing them, including metadata and designing a fun book that you'll send off for printing and sharing.


If you've put off doing something meaningful with your photos for way too long and you're ready to dig into your photos and create some treasured photo keepsakes to share, invite your friends and register for this fun experience that is bound to make your heart smile!! 


With this product, we've added the option for you to include up to 30 people in your party. If you'd like to add more guests, no problem. The amount of guests included in your party is up to you! Since you have the option of enjoying a virtual party together, you may want to add friends or family members, living internationally, to join in this memorable process. Just contact us and we'll accommodate your needs.


For our In-Person Parties, we travel a maximum of a one hour radius of downtown Cleveland, Ohio for a minimum of 10 guests.


If you'd like to schedule a party so that each guest pays to join in the fun, just call us, we'll set up a party link just for you so that each guest can log on and pay individually.


Looking forward to connecting with you and your guests and serving as your guide through this fun experience!


Remember, You're the Bom! 216-941-7643


    We have a 'No Refunds' policy.

    But, as a special consideration re: our parties, we do understand that life happens and things come up. So, if you're unable to attend at the time of your party, please feel free to designate someone else to take your place. Just let us know the name of your replacement. 

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