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Eclipse Chocolate Truffle Making Party

Eclipse Chocolate Truffle Making Party


This is a private Chocolate Truffle Making Party

$40.00/person, includes free shipping within the Continental US.

International Shipping also available upon request.

We bring the party to you!

Online (globally) and In-person (locally-within an hour of Cleveland, Ohio)


We're so excited that the eclipse is happening here that we're celebrating with own unique Eclipse Chocolate Truffle Making Party! If you're gathering to share this amazing eclipse experience, give us a call! We'll bring our unique Eclipse Chocolate Truffle Making Party to you! As always, you can flavor your Eclipse Truffles with your favorite beverage; alcohol (Bourbon, Kahlua, Wine, etc.) OR alcohol free (Juice, Coffee, Soda, etc.)


From beginning to end, the eclipse takes hours to happen. This is a delicious way to help fill your day with fun memories!


Invite your chocolate loving friends to this unique & DELICIOUS experience. Each guest will receive his/her own individual Chocolate Truffle Making Kit to make ~ 20 truffles! With this option, we'll connect with you all and serve as your guide through this fun and tasty truffle making experience.


With this product, we've added the option for you to include up to 30 people in your party. FYI, we ship nationally as well as internationally. If you'd like to add more guests, no problem. The amount of guests included in your party is up to you! Just contact us and we'll accommodate your needs.


For our In-Person Parties, we travel a maximum of a one hour radius of downtown Cleveland, Ohio for a minimum of 10 guests.


If you'd like to schedule a party so that each guest pays to join in the fun, just call us, we'll set up a party link just for you so that each guest can log on and pay individually.


Looking forward to connecting with you and your guests and serving as your guide through this fun experience!


Remember, You're the Bom! 216-941-7643


    We have a 'No Returns', 'No Refunds' policy.

    But, as a special consideration re: our parties, we do understand that life happens and things come up. So, if you're unable to attend at the time of your party, please feel free to designate someone else to take your place. Just let us know the name of your replacement. 

    Thank you.

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