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Dog Treat Making Kit

Dog Treat Making Kit


$35.00/per person


It's true, our kits are going to the dogs and we're so excited about it!


All peanut butter is not created equal! Xylitol may be highly toxic to your dog! If the peanut butter includes Xylitol as one of its ingredients, you may want to think twice before you give it to your dog! It may ultimately cause the death of your dog. So, even if you dont want or need one of my kits, at the very least, PLEASE SHARE this info about peanut butter with anyone who feeds a dog.


What's included in this kit?


Peanut Butter (no Xylitol included)




Vinyl Gloves (powder free)

Treat Bag

Step by Step Instructions


With each kit, you'll make ~ 50 delicious dog treats, depending on the size of your treats. Treats may be frozen in freezer containers for up to 6 months.


If you'd like to book a private Dog Treat Making Party with us, just contact us to schedule.  We'll connect with you all and serve as your guide through this fun experience.


Remember, You're the Bom! 216-941-7643


    This product includes free shipping within the Continental US.


    We have a 'No Refunds' Policy.

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