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Diptych Canvas Painting Kit

Diptych Canvas Painting Kit


Diptych Canvas Painting Kit

$40.00/per person


What is a diptych? It's a piece of artwork consisting of two pieces or panels, that together create a singular art piece.


Here's a great idea:  Grab one kit for you and another kit for someone special in your life. Each of you will paint your own diptych. After you each finish your Diptych, the best gift is when you give each other one of the canvases that you just painted. Yes, It's a thoughtful gift exchange, much like a friendship necklace. Each of you has half of the diptych of your favorite person to treasure!


A great gift for family members like grandparents, parents, etc., bff's or for your sweety!


What does each kit include?


Step by Step Printed Instructions

8" x 10" Canvas Boards (2)

Acrylic Paints (2 oz. bottles of red, yellow, blue, black & white)

Paint Brushes



If you'd like to book a private Diptych Painting Party with us, just contact us to schedule. We'll connect with you all and serve as your guide through this fun experience.


Remember, You're the Bom! 216-941-7643 


      We have a 'No Refunds' Policy.


      FREE Shipping Included within the Continental US. 

      For shipping outside the Continental US, please contact us or 216-941-7643. International shipping cost is dependant on destination of product. 

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