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Desktop Zen Garden Kit

Desktop Zen Garden Kit


Included in your kit:

1 Zen Garden Tray

1 Bag of Sand

2 Bags of Decorative Garden Stones

1 Mini Decorating Tool  (ex: Fork)

1 Artificial Garden Plant


What's a Desktop Zen Garden?

A Desktop Zen Garden is a miniature, meditative landscape typically housed in a shallow tray and adorned with various elements such as sand and rocks.


Its purpose is to provide a serene and calming focal point for individuals in diverse settings like offices or classrooms.


To use a Desktop Zen Garden, you can gently move the sand with a miniature rake or create patterns using small tools, fostering a sense of mindfulness and relaxation.


The process of creating and tending to the garden serves as a brief respite, allowing users to momentarily disconnect from the demands of the corporate world or the intensity of a classroom environment. Its compact size makes it a versatile tool for individuals seeking moments of tranquility and stress relief in their daily routines.


This is the perfect, thoughtful gift!

Discover Tranquility with our Desktop Zen Garden Kits!


  • Create a Serene Oasis at Home: Perfect for home offices and cozy corners.
  • Boost Productivity at Work: Bring a touch of calm to your workspace.
  • Ideal for Students: Foster focus and mindfulness in the school environment.
  • Stress Relief for Grown-Ups: Unwind and find peace in the midst of a busy day.
  • Mindful Fun for Kids: Introduce the art of relaxation early on!


Enjoy & Remember, You're the Bom!! 

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