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1. What kinds of parties/workshops do you offer?
Our goal is always to 'Deliver The Creative Process'. We accomplish this through a wide variety of hands-on Visual Art and Culinary Art activities. The star of our show is our yummy Chocolate Truffle Making Party! The good news is that, because our owner is an Aart Teacher and has a Master's degree in Education, we have many additional experience options. For example, we thoroughly enjoy bring our creative & interesting workshops as Teambuilding Events! We can either bring one of our predesigned activities OR custom design a unique activity to fit the goals of your team! So, in answer to this question, you may choose from any of the parties posted in our shop online OR let's chat and custom design a party to more specifically meet your goals. The sky's the limit!
Please feel free to check our calendar through this link to schedule a Coffee Chat and to talk about possibilities with our Owner, Carolina Martin. 

2. How do we book a party with The Bom Parties?

To book a party with us, simply give us a call 216-941-7643 or email Just let us know the date & time that fits best with your schedule. We'll design a link, specifically for you to share with your guests for them to register. It's easy. We offer in-person parties/workshops, within ~ 1 hour radius of Cleveland, Ohio. We also offer global parties/workshops via various virtual platforms. 

3. When we join one of your Truffle Making Parties, do we need to be in a kitchen?

No need to gather in your kitchen for this activity. You may cozy into your favorite seat in your home. No cooking or baking is needed to make our Chocolate Truffles. 

4. What kind of beverage should we use to flavor our Chocolate Truffles?

Any consumable beverage that you like to drink is able to be used when flavoring your Chocolate Truffles. I would suggest using it either at room temperature or cold, not hot or boiling. For those under 21 years of age and for those who prefer alcohol free Truffles, you may want to choose your favorite flavor of tea, coffee, soda, juice or water. For those who who prefer to make your Truffles with your favorite alcohol, some favorites are Kahlua, Baileys, Wine, Ale, Bourbon, Vodka, Tequila, Slivovitz, etc. 

5. How long are your Chocolate Truffle Making Parties? 

We schedule 1 - 1 1/2 hours for each of our parties, depending on your planning needs.

6.  What is the shelf life of your Chocolate Truffles?

As tested, our Chocolate Truffles have a 2 month shelf life. They simply dry out over time. 

If you like, you may store our truffles in your refrigerator (~1 week) or freezer (~6 months) which will extend the life of our truffles. OR as my hubby will tell you, they're best stored in your tummy!

7. What is your Refund Policy?

We have a 'No Refunds' Policy. That being said, we do understand that life happens. Sometimes things come up and you aren't able to use the party seat that you reserved. No problem. Simply give it to one of your friends or family to use in your place. Just let us know the name of your replacement and we'll be glad to honor their use of your ticket. 

Above all, remember, You're The Bom!

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