Pecan Tassies - Aunt Rosie Style

Pecan Tassies - Aunt Rosie Style


Aunt Rosie's Pecan Tassies

'Family First' is what we say! So many connections and sweet memories are a part of us through the making of delicious things to eat!


Our Pecan Tassies are a nod out to our wild & amazing Aunt Rosie! She truly was one of the funniest & strongest ladies I've known, with an unending love for her family. Aunt Rosie was one of those people who was straight with you. You always knew where you stood with her. She was so honest which is something I truly admired about her, no games with her (unless, of course, it was a board game around that great dining room table that we gathered around for so many years!) Aunt Rosie & I solved many a problem while we made those Tassies together & then we got to chow them down (Someone had to test them!)


Your order will include 20 of these super delicious, home made Pecan Tassies, made with lots of love for Aunt Rosie's extraordinary spirit! Thank you for sharing sweet memories with us!


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1. What are our safety procedures during the current pandemic?
To our customers, friends, family, and fellow online party goers during this challenging time:
We're all in this together and this is what The Bom Parties team is doing to help keep ourselves and our customers safe and partying (from a distance) through the pandemic!


We follow all guidelines and state mandates for Ohio and limit our interactions with the outside world including shipping or curbside pick up of all of our ingredients, tools, packaging, etc.


We sanitize our surfaces and tools before and after every use!


We wash our hands before and after every interaction with a product!


We wear a mask and gloves to create, package, and ship your products!


We ship throughout the USA and locally, ship and personally deliver kits for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home!


We Zoom the party to you! 

2. How do we book a party with The Bom Parties?

To book a party with us, simply give us a call 216-941-7643 or email Just let us know the date & time that fits best with your schedule. We'll design a link, specifically for you to share with your guests for them to register. It's easy.

3. When we join one of your Truffle Making Parties, do we need to be in a kitchen?

You may cozy into your favorite seat in your home. No cooking or baking is needed to make our Chocolate Truffles. 

4. What kind of beverage should we use to flavor our Chocolate Truffles?

Any consumable beverage that you like to drink is able to be used when flavoring your Chocolate Truffles. I would suggest using it either at room temperature or cold, not hot or boiling. For those under 21 years of age and for those who prefer alcohol free Truffles, you may want to choose your favorite flavor of tea, coffee, soda, juice or water. For those who who prefer to make your Truffles with your favorite alcohol, some favorites are Kahlua, Baileys, Wine, Ale, Bourbon, Vodka, Tequila, Slivovitz, etc. 

My rule of thumb is to choose a beverage that you already know that you enjoy and you're sure to enjoy it even more when you add it to your Chocolate Truffles!

5. How long are your Chocolate Truffle Making Parties? 

We schedule 2 hours for each of our parties.

6.  What is the shelf life of your Chocolate Truffles?

As tested, our Chocolate Truffles have a 2 month shelf life. They simply dry out over time. 

If you like, you may store our truffles in your refrigerator or freezer, which will extend the life of our truffles.


We have a 'No refunds' policy.

But, as a special consideration re: 

our parties/workshops/classes, we do understand that life happens and things come up. So, if you're unable to attend at the time of your party, please feel free to designate someone else to take your place. Just let us know the name of your replacement. 


Shipping costs will be calculated as you check out unless otherwise specified in the item description.

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