Pecan Tassies - Aunt Rosie Style

Pecan Tassies - Aunt Rosie Style


Aunt Rosie's Pecan Tassies

'Family First' is what we say! So many connections and sweet memories are a part of us through the making of delicious things to eat!


Our Pecan Tassies are a nod out to our wild & amazing Aunt Rosie! She truly was one of the funniest & strongest ladies I've known, with an unending love for her family. Aunt Rosie was one of those people who was straight with you. You always knew where you stood with her. She was so honest which is something I truly admired about her, no games with her (unless, of course, it was a board game around that great dining room table that we gathered around for so many years!) Aunt Rosie & I solved many a problem while we made those Tassies together & then we got to chow them down (Someone had to test them!)


Your order will include 20 of these super delicious, home made Pecan Tassies, made with lots of love for Aunt Rosie's extraordinary spirit! Thank you for sharing sweet memories with us!


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We have a 'No refunds' policy.

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